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[教學] Halli Galli (animals)

If you haven't played this game before, please watch the clip below.



Theme: animals
Target language: animal vocabs (cat, rabbit, dog, snake), sentence pattern (They're _______.)
Preparation: picture cards printed and cut, one target to hit on.

Game Rules:
1. 4-5 players in a group. Each group will get a set of cards and a hitting target.
2. Put the hitting target in the center. Pass down the cards to every player (face down).
3. The players take turns to turn over the top card from his/her plie. Each card is placed on top of his/her previous card so that only the top card is visible.
4. When the revealed cards show exactly 5 animal of the same type (e.g. 5 snakes), the first player who hits the target and says "They're ____!" (e.g. They're snakes!) wins all the revealed cards.
5. If a player makes a mistake, he/she must give away one card from his/her pile to the center. The winner of the next round will get all the revealed cards as well as this penalty card.
6. The player who has the most cards wins the game.

▼The magnet letter is the "hitting target".

This game encourages Ss to speak, in a fun way. It's not only a game for vocab pracitce, but also a game to review sentence pattern. Ss need to speak in a complete sentence to win the cards. By the end of this speed action game, most Ss can use this pattern well.

If you focus on "reading", you can make "word cards" instead of picture cards. Cards such as "a rabbit", "2 rabbits", "3 cats"... That will be more challenging.

★Thanks Tsaimin Yeh for the inspiration. Click here to read more about her workshop note.

★The cards are available to download: 
(This is one set of the cards.) If you find them too small you can print them in a B4-size paper. The animal pictures are from Hess- Give Me Five textbook.

〈檢討考卷〉月考結束,昨晚讀了熱血教師陳思齊老師的文章,也想如法炮製來讓學生自己發現問題、透過討論來檢討問題,於是,此為今日檢討月卷的活動流程:1. Moji先示範第一至三大題的檢討方式。2. 學生分六組,將第四至九大題依序分配給各組...

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